About Us

About Us

SmartMoney Investment Advisors

We started the company in 2017 with one goal in mind: to bring as many people as possible into an investment platform with tons of opportunities at no fee or low fee. The platform should grow with the customer, not the other way around.


To build a compelling investment platform to cater to people with different limitations and people who look for broader investment opportunities. No amount is small when it comes to investment. Provide that opportunities to build a strong financial foundation for everyone of them within their power. The investment platform will provide the tools necessary to achieve it.


We hope to build better financial and investment products that would bring many opportunites to our customers. As each one of our products will be built around and customized to each one of our customers using artificial initelligence, we would be able to provide better and more accurate tools at their disposal. Most importantly, we want to become a 'B Corp', which will be the epitome of greatest achivement especially in the financial industry.